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Baby makes 10 | Ira Newborn Portraits

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

You read that right, baby Ira brings this fantastic family's number to 10!

This session was so much fun as this is the largest family that I have fit into the studio at one time - all 8 kiddos at one time even! I absolutely love large families - I came from a fairly large family myself, there were four of us kids. Then I became a mama to four kids myself! I have to say I admire Elaine because I am not sure that I would still be sane with 8 children. However, she does it gracefully and with a huge smile on her face. She will tell you that she doesn't handle it well....but I have watched her first hand and she is amazing! I absolutely love how everyone helps everyone. The older kiddos help and lookout for their younger siblings, and do so happily. The older girls do dance, and not just any dance - ballet...point shoes and all! My golly this family is amazing!

Baby Ira is so stinking sweet - he slept most of his session and loved Kimmie snuggles! When all of his siblings left for the solo part of his session, his mama and I had to make a lot of noise because it was simply too quiet for Ira to sleep peacefully! Isn't that a hoot? Did you try to keep quiet when your baby was asleep? Lord knows I did, I wanted them to stay asleep! Since then I have learned that the more noise you make the heavier they will sleep - who knew?!

I will quit talking - but seriously check out this adorable gallery. You won't regret it.

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