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Meet Kimmie!

Hi, I am KimBerly! Also known as Kim, Kimmie, KJ, Mom, Mommy, Ma Ma Ma Ma (have to love kids who don't stop repeating it) oh and can't forget Sisterface!!!


I was raised in Montana, and I have made roots in the Flathead Valley raising my kids with my husband, Tyson. We really enjoy the outdoors and traveling. Camping is one of our favorite things to do as a family, and paddle boarding is my most favorite past time. 


I started my photography journey as your stereotypical "mom with a camera".  I really wanted to capture all the special  moments and everything in between for all my family to treasure for a lifetime, something I wish I had more of from my childhood. I want my kids to have loads of experiences and moments to remember forever. Life can change in a split second, and pictures are a special way to freeze moments in time forever. 


So I guess you could say my hobby quickly turned into a passion of mine! You know what they say, "If you love what you do, you will never dread a Monday." 


I have been doing photography now for nearly 8 years, professionally since 2015. I found my "happy place" aka my studio, in July of 2015 here in Kalispell Montana. I have since transformed it into my little slice of heaven, where most of the magic happens! Don't be fooled though, I love a good outdoor session too. 




I firmly believe that coffee is the juice of life, and I can't be convinced otherwise. Iced to be precise 😉 


I am a wife and mama to 4 beautiful children. I am also a sister, and a proud auntie.  


I love scary movies but am too much of a chicken to watch them alone. Seriously, I will sleep with the lights on or watch a Disney movie until I'm no longer scared. #honesty


I am legit a #hotmessexpress, but that is okay because aren't we all?


I always use way too many exclamation marks when sending emails or text messages. I have no reason why, I just do it!  


I have crazy OCD about my newborn sets. From all the safety precautions to little things like making sure your hair isn't in your or your child's face. I truly just want them perfect, for you.


I love capturing real moments, and outtakes are always, hands down, my favorites. Guaranteed you will see them in your gallery!


And my heart belongs to the islands of Hawaii. It is one of our families favorite places to make memories.

About Me
Kalispell Montana, Family Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Child Photographer,  Materni


Kim made me feel so confident during my maternity shoot! I loved every minute of it and posing direction was perfect!


—  Ashleigh Tremonti

KimBerly E Photographer Kalispell Photographer

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