Hi, I am KimBerly! But I am also known as Kim, Kimmie, KJ, Mom, Mommy, Ma Ma Ma Ma (have to love kids who don't stop repeating it) oh and can't forget Sisterface!!!

I started this photography journey as a stereotypical "mom with a camera." I just wanted to capture all the moments that my parent's didn't. I want my kids to have loads of both physical memories as well as mental ones.  I have been doing photography now for almost 8 years.  Professionally since 2015.



I love Jesus.


I am a wife, a mama to 4, a sister and an auntie.  


I am legit a #hotmessexpress but that is okay because aren't we all?


I have a thing for using way too many exclamation marks when sending messages, I have no reason why, I just do it!  


I have crazy OCD about my newborn sets and try my best to make sure your hair isn't in your or your child's face. I just want them perfect for you.


2458 Hwy 93 South, Suite 300                             info@kimberlyephotographymt.com

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